Monday, October 13, 2008

Photo Winner!

Great News!

I was just informed a week ago that I won top honors in the division, "Art in Nature" in an International Photo Competition called Nature's Best Photography! The photo was taken in January 2008 in Milford Sound on the south island of New Zealand. If you look closely in the upper, middle part of the photo you will see in the mist, an older man's face looking down in the water. The photo will be on display in the Smithsonian Museum of Nature and Science from November 2008 through April 2009 in the Windland Smith Rice Gallery. The photo will also be printed in Nature's Best Magazine in the Fall edition. You can get a copy of the magazine by going to their website

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carayfie(chase) said...

If you don't mind my asking what is the license on the electronic version of this photo? it isn't free to distribute by any chance is it? oh and it is by far my favorit desktop wallpaper :-) from Linux to BeOS!